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About CNCN

We love technology. We love Kubernetes, containers, clouds, home automation, computers, cryptography, coding, and creating. We are hungry for knowledge and passionate about learning.

Why You Should Join Us

The tools that exist to unite people create silos. When you join this community, you won't be limited to posting comments on a YouTube video or messages in a Slack channel or articles on LinkedIn or posts on Reddit, and you won't be limited to communicating with only one person. You can join in the conversation about everything, share your experiences, and learn from the wisdom of others who have walked in your shoes.

Why I Created This

We're all on too many platforms, and I thought long and hard if it made sense to create another one. The problem with every other platform is that it serves the interest of the platform, not the interests of its users. YouTube doesn't give me a way to communicate with anyone who watches a video I've created, other than asynchronous comments that are a poor medium for conversation and assistance. LinkedIn and Facebook have a myriad of issues, and some people refuse to use one or both of them. Slack has no federation like IRC did, so we end up in silos of company-specific Slack servers with no message archiving. Twitter is a broadcast network, unsuitable for close communication. There's no place for you to go where you know you'll find people like you. There is no place to call home.

A community has already sprung up around the content I create on YouTube, and since starting the Coffee and Cloud Native live stream in July 2020, I've seen how lively and fun that community is when given an opportunity to talk in real time. I want to give you that opportunity all of the time, not just for thirty minutes a day during the streams, when I'm not even able to spend time interacting with you because I'm hosting the show.

A community is more than a chat server. A community is more than a network of people you never get to talk to. A community is more than a like or a thumbs up or a comment. A community lifts each other up and moves together toward a common goal.

Our goal is to be successful with technology, and I created this site to help everyone reach that goal.

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